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<< Back Steel---the strong support for fruitful achievements in defense industry of China.

In recent years, China has struck the attention of the world in defense industry with a large number of self-developed, highly informative and integrated new weapons and equipments successfully deployed. For example, on April 26th, China’s 2nd aircraft carrier made with domestic steel of own design formally launched; on June 28th, the self-developed 10,000 tonnage destroyer-Type 055 launched in Shanghai; on July 30th, the fourth generation stealth fighter J-20 was first unveiled in the parade in celebration of the 90th anniversary of People's Liberation Army...The achievements made in China's aerospace industry are even more remarkable, such as successful launch of Tiangong-1, Tiangong-2, Shenzhou series of manned spaceships, Chang'e 3 -China's first celestial soft landing and lunar automatic reconnaissance.

The above fruitful achievements cannot be reaped without the strong support of steel. “Thanks to China’s great endeavors to invest in scientific research, technical equipment, personnel training, tremendous progress has been made in the quality and varieties of special steel, providing more basic materials for defense development to promote the performance of China's weapons and equipment upgrade. At present, we have almost produced all typical steel for military purpose including steel for carrier, high temperature alloy, high tensile steel,etc, ensuring the equipment development of China's aviation, aerospace, navigation." Wang Huaishi, Secretary General of the China Special Steel Enterprises Association stressed in an interview.
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