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<< Back Steel outputs of 101 monitored steel enterprises in late June, 2017.

According to the China Iron and Steel Association, in late June, 101 monitored steel enterprises produced 18.666 mil tons of crude steel, 17.21 mil tons of pig iron, 18.353 mil tons of steel and 3.353 mil tons of coke. Daily output of above products over the previous ten days is detailed respectively: 1.865 mil tons of crude steel, an increase by 0.56% of 5.6 thousand tons; 1.721 mil tons of pig iron, a decrease by 0.70% of 12.1 thousand tons; 1.835 mil tons of steel, an increase by 2.98% of 53.1 thousand tons, 0.335 mil tons of coke, a decrease by 1.55% of 5.3 thousand tons.

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