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<< Back China's steel industry in the first half of 2017.
In the 2017 semiannual statements, China’s steel listed companies may usher in a rare high growth in history. Analysts believe that the supply-side reform and the steel prices rise have promoted a substantial improvement in the industry boom. Semiannual statements of the steel industry will generally exceed expectations. Among 34 steel companies calculated by Shenyin Wanguo Securities, at yesterday's close, 15 released midterm earnings report of good performance except two ST companies were expected to continue losses and Jinzhou Pipeline would reduce slightly. Shenyin Wanguo's latest research report pointed out that the supply-side reform and steel prices rise have become one of the main reasons for the dramatic growth in performance. Strong downstream demand, decreasing supply, slash of cost in the first half of the year all contribute to the high profits, while steel prices will still maintain an upward trend with the policy of cut-down in capacity.
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