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<< Back Some special steel products will have a vast market in the coming 3 years.
According to CLIK’s analysis, in the coming 3 years, some special steel products will have a vast market.
1. Bearing steel. At present, the annual consumption of bearing steel in China is 3.5 million tons. With the industrial growth of machinery, automotive, aerospace and nuclear in particular, higher requirements will be put on bearings with the improvement of steel cleanliness and the extension of contact fatigue life of bearing steel. CLIK believe that the domestic demand for bearing steel will continue to grow.
2. Spring steel. China's consumption of alloyed spring steel bar has reached 2.2 million tons annually, with auto and railway sharing more than 80% of the total consumption. CLIK predict that the demand for spring steel used for automotive suspension, valve, car stabilizer with high strength and excellent performance in lightening car weight, anti elasto subtraction and anti-fatigue will keep rising. Besides, the demand for spring steel with good safety, long life and economy to speed up railway and heavy load vehicles will also increase.
3. Gear steel. The annual consumption of gear steel in China is about 3.5 million tons, of which 80% is consumed by vehicles. Some high-grade gear steel for cars still relies on imports.

In addition, the annual consumption of non-quenched and tempered steel in China is about 0.9 million tons, of which 0.7 million tons are used in the auto industry. The application of economical non-quenched and tempered steel is promising. At present, China's output of high-precision bright bar with defect-free surface is still less, only 2% of high-quality steel bar which is dominated by cold-drawn steel. CLIK believe that the technological advances in the machinery industry will also promote the growth of special bright bar with good mechanical properties.
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