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<< Back China's automotive sales in 2017.
According to the data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2017, the total production and sales of automotive are 29.015 million units and 28.879 million units respectively, ranking 1st globally for 9 consecutive years. The profit growth of auto industry was significantly higher than the growth rates of production and sales. The new energy vehicles have maintained good momentum, with Chinese brands expanding in both domestic and international markets.
In terms of passenger cars, the cumulative production in 2017 was 24.807 million units, a year-on-year increase of -1.3%. Sedan production is 11.938 million units, an YoY increase of -1.3%; SUV is 10.287 million units, increasing by 4.2% YoY; MPV is 2.052 million units, dropping by 19.5%; crossover is 0.53 million units, a plunge of 25.6%.
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